White Out

All Images from Vogue.com, Rumi Neely Instagram and Fabsugar
1. Kaila Hart at Bec and Bridge
2. Jelly Flatforms at Gail Sorronda (Rumi Neely)
3. Rachel Rutt at Manning Cartell
4. Phillipa Gleeson
5.Bec and Bridge
6. Beauty at Bec and Bridge

White is definitely trending at MBFW Australia this year! The universe is telling me that my fears regarding white garments and the potential for stains are to be ignored. Note to self buy a sheer white button down tonight. Anyway back to fashion week...Arguably the most successfully executed all white looks came from Bec and Bridge this season which when paired with wet look tousled hair and on trend dainty open toed sandals (oh so classy) made quite an impact. I desperately want a pair of these Gail Sorronda Jelly Flatforms however after going to the gail fitting and trying on a pair I know how ill they suit me, alas such a shame. 


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