All Denim

Photos by Ben 
(Lover Bell Bottom Jeans, Asos Denim Button Down and Sunglasses, Ultra 3 Citrus Nailpolish, Revlon ChaCha Cherry Lipstick)

There is something so transforming about the early morning, its as if every surface glimmers. I love the soft hues and way that the light looks, its as if Mr Darcy may rise across yonder hill and sweep me off my feet. Okay maybe not... but you get the gist.
 Although denim pared with denim has never been a favourite of mine, I have to say its growing on me, as is the notion of wearing lipstick. This revlon one I got on Ozsale a month or two ago and has definitely become a favourite. It adds the slightest touch of colour without being overpowering, which leaves room for my ludicrously bright neon yellow nail polish to do the talking.  


  1. Love your glasses and the nails. xx

  2. You are gorgeous! I love your personal style babe! xx




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