Photos by Ben
(Ben's old Thermal Top, H&M Bikini Bottoms, Ray-Bans and My Friend Mike's Old Ripcurl Cap)

I have just spent the past little while camping with ben and a few friends at Dawson's river just out of Taree, which for those of you who don't know, is a township 4 hours from Sydney on NSW's mid north coast. I didn't pack much and spent three days without any makeup and very limited styling options however I had an absolutely amazing time. 

Cue the explanation for my rather bizarre outfit...

I have been desperately in love with Alexander Wang's Mock Neck Thermal Top, but can't justify the purchase coming into summer. So in lieu of this A. wang beauty, I give you my boyfriend's old thermal top from about 7 years ago which we discovered when packing for our camping expedition. We took these photos on the way back from a dip in the river near our camping grounds in Taree and due to an absence of styling options, my friend Mike rather kindly lent me his cap. Let's call it sporty-chic? or at a push sporty-luxe? In all seriousness though, I kinda love this top, It is perfectly 90's and a rather brilliant blue.  
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(Images via Studded Hearts, Wolfcub Chronicles and Pinterest) 


A few things

4. CK one Eau Du Toilette 
5. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
7. Ultra 3 'Lily White' Nail Polish

These are a few things that I am loving at the moment. White and tan are still occupying my thoughts and have culminated in the repeat offence of this ultra three white polish and my new Pour La Victoire sandals. There is something so refreshing and crisp about bright white on tan. 

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Sunset At Bondi

Photos By Ben

(Indiana By Freda Dress)

Last night Ben and I had a perfect dinner on the beach whilst watching the sun set. We don't usually get a lot of time together in the early evening as I often work nights. 

This dress, which I bought in Melbourne some five years ago, is an oldie but a goodie. There are some items in my wardrobe that have survived cull after cull and somehow manage to stick around despite hardly ever getting any wear. This dress is a perfect example of this. I tend to only bring this one out in the height of summer, when I can't imagine anything other than a shapeless shift dress to be appropriate. 

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Photos By Ben

(Ksubi Shorts, Pour la Victoire Sandals, Insight Button up)

Rubbish collections are always a source of inspiration. Lots of weirdly placed furniture out of context always makes for a thought provoking walk. Yesterday was one such day, with an eclectic mix of pre-loved goods scattered throughout the neighbourhood. I thought this stack of junk under the floral bush seemed like a great place for a picture.  

This shirt is an old favourite of mine as it is my idea of the perfect print (subtle, edgy and not too colourful). I wore it here with my new Pour la Victoire sandals, that I was obsessing over here. Only one week until the holidays!

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Photos By Ben

(Dress from a store near Bondi Beach, Cotton on Blazer, Michael Kors Watch, Converse)

I have been getting an awful lot of wear out of my new cons lately. They seem to be the perfect companion for almost everything in my wardrobe when it comes time to dress things down for a warm spring day. I am normally not much of a print enthusiast but when paired with some staple items I don't actually mind this dress. With this being said, I am still on the lookout for a perfect white dress! 

Another item I have been loving lately is my MOR Lip-macaron pots. The scent of this one is rather overpowering but there are many other more subtle scents to choose from. I am in love with the packaging. 
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Silver Details and A Relaxed Pony

 Photos By Ben

(Sportsgirl Earcuffs and Bracelet, Ksubi Shorts, H&M Jumper)

Sometimes comfort is just the right thing to do. The past few weeks I have been unwell so I have been keeping my look fairly basic and low-maintenance. I hope this isn't too disappointing, but with all of my uni work, modelling work and a string of personal trials and tribulations, simple styling -  incorporating loose ponytails, comfortable cutoffs, bright white cons and slouchy knits - just seems like the way to go. I am getting back into earcuffs though which have been keeping my looks slightly more planned although I am sensing that this trend is well and truly on its way out. I am also currently waiting on a few goodies in the mail, so I will be sure to post again when I receive some of them. I think that a mini-trip may be in order in a few weeks after the bulk of assessments are over so I will keep you posted on some likely locations ....or maybe ill keep it a secret.

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