Photos By Ben and I
(Stylestalker 'Rebellion' parka, Shakuhachi sweater, Sass and Bide 'skinny boy' jeans, Tony Bianco boots, Topshop bag.)

This morning I visited the Shakuhachi Sample sale at their Paddington Flagship store. Although I wasn't overly impressed, I did manage to find this cable knit sweater that I have been after for ages. It was in a wish list of mine a few months ago (here), and for $70 after a 70% reduction, I decided it was worth it. Lucky I got there early though as it was the very last one! 



 (source: various Pinterests - follow me pinterest/stylescreedblog)

This month I am feeling more wintery. Loving oversized knits, darker colours and heavier fabrics.


Sheer Gloss

Photos by Me
(Face of Australia limited edition 'Sheer Gloss lip crayons')

I recently purchased these lip crayons from Priceline, after my Revlon 'Just Bitten' Lip stain dried up on me and started giving me a rash... eek!
These cute little wind-up lip crayons seem to me to be a cross between a lip balm and a lipgloss and smell awesomely vanillary (if that is even a word!) I am particularly loving the darker pinky-red colour called 'Macron' as it provides a perfect shock of colour without all the hassles of lipstick. 


Paddington Bear


 Photos By Ben
(Sass and Bide 'skinny boy' jeans, Zeitgeist button-up, Minkpink coat, Vintage Ferragamo flat boots and Asos sunglasses.)

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Paddington for a stroll in this little park I remembered coming to as a really little kid. 
Alas, what used to be a hedge maze that towered over my little two-year old self, has now become a tangle of shrubs that don't even reach waist height. Although the revelation that this pathetic little ornamental garden maze was never a true maze one could lose oneself in was rather upsetting, it was an interesting adventure none the less. Getting to the centre was far more challenging than anticipated, and resulted in me clambering over the hedge after I realised that this Kodiac bear style coat had become entangled in a thousand little spider webs! 

This coat was a favourite of mine last winter and accompanied me almost everywhere. I expect that it will get just as much of a workout this winter; starting tonight, as I plan to take it with me for extreme kodiac bear warmth to a midnight picnic and bonfire on a beach somewhere. Happy sunday!


Arms of the Ocean

Photos By Ben
(T By Alexander Wang sweater dress, Urban Renewal shorts, Topshop 'Wynna pony-skin wedges' and Asos Sunglasses.)

I find that in winter the two items I tend to overindulge in are sweaters and button ups and rather oddly enough I also reach more and more for the surf spray. There is something about winter (in Australia at least) that makes the super undone look appealing...or maybe that's just me. I love pairing bed hair with cozy sweaters (which are almost invariably oversized) and sitting inside on a rainy day with a hot coffee and a good book.
 The day we took these photos last week was rather warm but since then the weather turned cold and I found myself almost unable to take this T by A. Wang sweater off! I usually buy sweaters a size or two too large so that the sleeves are super long, but this one, although only a size 8, is already massive. 
My lovely mother (who sadly now lives a ten hour drive away in Melbourne) was up for the weekend and took me shopping in Bondi where we found this sweater and I must say it's proven to be the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe.   



Photos By Ben

(Vintage top and jeans, Zara Sandals and Asos Sunglasses)

I took these photos last week on another sunny day like today (which are getting fewer and fewer). 

It's funny going through an old box of clothes and discovering a whole lot of things you had forgotten about. This top was one such example. It's been sitting at my friends house bundled up in a box for about 6months since I left for tokyo. I bought it at a second hand store in Auckland and have always loved the high neck and fuzzy wallpaper feeling it has to it. Definitely a new old favourite...if that makes sense!   



Photos By Ben and I.

 (Minkpink Jumper, Vintage Button Down, American Apparel Leggings.)

Last night I had the pleasure of Modelling at a Gucci Fine Jewellery event ... which, you guessed it, meant being draped in incredibly expensive bling! I'm not going to lie I am definitely not a Gucci fan but I have to say some of the pieces were pretty fabulous. My favourite item that I had the pleasure of wearing for the night  was a Gucci Cocktail Ring which was pretty full on but I could still see working in an everyday way (if you had an odd $3000 just sitting around collecting dust). One of the bracelets on view was selling for $25 000, can you imagine! 

The above makeup was from the event ... but as if you hadn't already deduced that from the title and rather iconic black smudged eyes! 


Adelaide For A Day

Photos by me.

Last week I went to adelaide to shoot the Look Book for Cameo for one day... yes thats right...only one day. My flight left at 6:15am which meant waking up at 4am to shower before stumbling around in the dark, dressing manically whilst trying find two matching shoes and other similar travel and life essentials (I was in the dark as I was trying to let my lovely boyfriend-who took me both to and from the airport- sleep-in as long as possible.)

The worst part about the early morning flight was that I forgot my bottle of Jurlique Lavender Mist which I have previously mentioned here, as being a travel essential. Needless to say,flying twice in one day without it was absolutely devastating for my skin so after flying back into Sydney at 10pm I drenched my skin in the stuff, which helped to return it to near normality.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of the city while I was there but it was an experience none the less. My makeup artist for the shoot was Dale Dorning, who was makeup artist for the Australian Pop star Delta Goodrem for seven years. The hair and makeup looks for the day were funnily enough rather similar to the the last job I posted about. The eyes were soft and peachy and the whole thing had a rather dishevelled and just rolled out of bed (in my dreams) look to it.
He told me some fascinating stories about what it is like to be the makeup artist of a princess (he looked after Princess Mary when she came to Australia last year), what it was like to be on tour with Delta and about the origins of his leather jacket (which used to be Brian McFadden's!)

If you are interested in checking out Cameo the label, I have included links to both their website (above) and an online retailer (below).
Buy Cameo at The Fashion Bunker


Russian Rain

Photos By Ben
(Daiso Japan plastic umbrella, Revlon 'Really Red' Lipstick, Comme Ca Ism coat from Tokyo)

Despite ridiculously poor weather conditions yesterday, we ventured out into the cold to try and get good photo of this black suede fur lined coat (which ben thinks makes me look russian). We didn't have too much luck (although I don't mind the grainy quality of this photo), but how cute is this umbrella I got from Daiso Japan for just $2.80! While I was in Japan, I had a similar one.. or twelve, (since holding on to things that aren't surgically attached to my being has never been my strong point.)

Commonplace in Japan; the transparent plastic umbrella, (despite being kinda cool and futuristic) is very practical when running across busy intersections like Shibuya Crossing (a 5 minute walk from where I was staying). It enables you to bustle your way through the crowd with 100% vision thus greatly reducing accidents caused by a phenomenon I call 'umbrella-blindness'. Very handy when it's snowing and one hundred plus people are careering towards you in true stampede style.


Opal Bubbles

I'm loving translucency, opalescent rainbows (Kinda like those seen in the kid's picture book 'The Rainbow Fish'), muted brights, soft lighting and shimmery golden eyelids.

(Vogue Paris July, Studded Hearts, Knightcat, Various Pinterests)



Photos By Me

This morning I had a call time of 7am for the Australian brand Saba's fashion show, which of course meant rising at 5am!

Two coffees, a lot of tonging, product, makeup, a few hours later and I am home again ready to take my makeup off and crawl back into bed for an early afternoon nap (one of the perks of an early morning is an early finish on jobs such as these). Despite the waning effect of my early morning caffeine fix, I thought I should document the hair and makeup look from the show before it is wiped clean from both my face and my mind. 
The makeup artist's mantra for today's show was "Soft and peachy, no hard lines', which I have to say is a philosophy I could definitely live by. Soft, dewey, smudged and peachy is something I am going to strive for makeup wise on sunny days from here on out. 

And now, goodnight...or should I say good day? 



1. Ksubi cotton, chambray and calfskin Jacket
2. Deadly Ponies 'Mr Schrapnel - Black'
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Katie Turnlock Bracelet'
4. Ksubi 'Leopard Bellatrix'
5. Ksubi 'Albercerque cutoffs'
5. Hunter Regent Wellies

Perfect rainy day uniform, inspired by the shocking weather and kate moss at glastonbury circa.2005. Somehow these two are intrinsically linked in my mind.   
At least I can console myself with thoughts of splashing through puddles with these awesome Hunter wellies. What better accompaniment to these glossy black babies than deadly ponies and funky leopard print ksubi style. Threads from England, Australia and New Zealand, just in time for the diamond jubilee, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! 
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