Photos By Ben            
(Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes, One Teaspoon Tee, Vintage Distressed Leather Skirt)



Photos by Ben
(Zara Knit, H&M Pants, Asos Spike Bracelet, Tony Bianco Boots) 

Since statement pants have become such a trend in recent months, I have decided to put aside my monochromatic preferences to embrace these H&M pants, which I purchased while living in tokyo a few months ago. I also acquired this creamy fawn coloured knit in tokyo and it has since become a wardrobe staple. Decided we had a few moments to squeeze in an outfit post before breakfast at the picturesque Balmoral beach. 


What Dreams Are Made Of

(Alexander Wang 'Joan Mule' in White, Lover Silk and Lace Shorts, Valentino 'Valentina' EDP)

After buying 'Valentina' at the Airport in Dubai late last year, I developed a fondness for delicate, sweet and floral scents which i have previously found borderline abhorrent. I used to prefer stronger scents such as Burberry 'The Beat' but since running out of Valentina I sorely miss it. A long standing lusted after item of  mine are these Lace and silk shorts by the Australian Label 'Lover'. These shorts are also rather feminine for my tastes but are so perfect for everything, really wish I had them in summer! Also in love with these Wang 'it' shoes, sadly I can't see myself acquiring them anytime in the near future although it doesn't hurt to dream.   


Photos by Ben  
(Stylestalker 'Rebellion Parka' from The Iconic, Marcs bag)

It would be an understatement to say that i have come to like online shopping... I am totally and utterly hooked! Last week this compulsive and oh so easy way to destroy my savings culminated in the purchase of Stylestalker's 'Rebellion Parka' from The Iconic. I've been meaning to try out the Iconic's 3 hour express delivery for a long while now, so I thought it seemed like the perfect opportunity. The Rebellion  is wearable and yet with its gigantic faux sheepskin collar somehow has a certain pizzazz (for lack of a better word) to it. Needless to say I have been desperate to own it. Although It hasn't left my back for about a week, the weather is finally almost cold enough to justify wearing it. Bring on winter!
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