1. Day 1 Outfit (Stylestalker Parka, Rag and Bone button down, vintage skirt, asos spike and plug cuff)
2. My Clothes Rack at Camilla Show 
3. Run through 
4. Model Outfit Details 
5. Montana Backstage
6. Clouds
7. NP Makeup 
8. Pink Coat Outside the OPT 
9. Camilla Campaign Poster feat. the stunning Ollie Henderson
10. The Opera House

So fashion week has rolled around once again and this year I am modelling in a few shows, the first of which was the colourful and eclectic camilla show held yesterday at the tent. Here are a few snapshots of my relatively relaxing day (compared to the hectic schedules of fellow chic girls Montana, Kaila, Ollie and Rachel who darted from show to show braving copious quantities of shampoo, hairspray and makeup remover). Still holding onto my dream of meeting Rumi Neely (of fashion toast), hopefully that dream will be realised tomorrow! Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram (annacrysell) for a piece of the action at the An Ode To No One show kicking of at 7pm tomorrow. 

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