Photos By Ben
(Asos sunglasses and mint pants, Vintage silk shirt, Zara shoes, Ultra 3 'Lily White' nail-polish)

Ah the simple luxury of a silken white shirt,  oh how it completes me. This particular one I got second hand from a friend which she got second hand from an op-shop...so i guess that makes it third hand? Nonetheless one of the perks of a silk shirt (particularly a well made one) is that it takes a lot to age it. Mine is still pristine and lily white despite being really really old. These Asos pants and sunglasses came in the mail yesterday, but unfortunately these minty pants are a little too large. I am still unsure whether I will re-order them in a smaller size. 

Bondi was very beautiful this morning! After having a casting not far from the beach we decided to have brunch by the beach. Poached eggs and piles of mushrooms followed by banana, berry and chia seed smoothies, YUM!


  1. Amazing look! love it!


  2. super chic Anna =)
    white nails with white sheer top and mint pants. super breezy <3



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