Photo By Me

(Urban Decay Original Naked Palette)

I know, I know... I am more than a few years late in jumping onto this bandwagon. What can I say, I am a slow beauty learner. Not knowing about this ages ago was definitely a mistake as now I cannot imagine my life without it. After having it for a few weeks, using it daily, and realising the plethora of colour combinations available, I can now see that it was definitely a very worthwhile purchase. 

 I subconsciously find myself favouring the lighter half of the palette, although I am sure that the darker half will become useful for nights out. My favourite combinations always revolve around using 'Virgin' (the colour on the far left - which although you can't really see in this picture is a rather shimmery off-white.) I also love 'sidecar' which is a luminous highly pigmented bronze and naked (a matte taupe colour). 

If you don't already use this product, which I realise is highly unlikely, I definitely recommend it. 


  1. I knew you would love it! I think it has the perfect collection of colours.


  2. Its colours look so nice:) You've got a really cool blog! Maybe we can follow each other?

    x For Happy Days

  3. I love the naked palette, seriously wish I had one!


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