Fur and Flares

Photos By Ben

(Vintage fur coat, UNIF tank from Market HQ, Sportsgirl lace flares, Asos sunglasses and spike bracelet, Black Onyx ring from India.)

Feeling a bit of a punk meets 70's hippy vibe today. Not exactly sure that it works but I definitely think I deserve points for creativity and ingenuity? non? 
These pants are very old and to be honest I am not exactly sure why I am still holding onto them. I think they are so very cool in all their bell-bottomed laciness, but unfortunately the overwhelming impracticality of pants that provide no more protection/coverage/warmth than a pair of bike shorts has meant they have literally never been worn. I'm going to give them one last shot this coming spring and hopefully I can work out some good ways to normalise them for everyday wear, however I remain dubious. 

Whilst cleaning out my boxes I also rediscovered this (far more practical) black onyx ring from India which was given to me by my ex's mother as an 18th present a few years ago. It was my favourite ring for close to 2 years and after a disappearance it has found it's way back into my wardrobe. I have almost rounded up all of my belongings and clothes from every far flung corner of the earth, however that also means it is time for another cull to reclaim some much needed wardrobe space. So for any of you lovely ladies living in sydney, expect to see me at market stall near you sometime in the coming months!   


  1. those sportsgirl lace flares are just awesome!! looking so chic and grunge here Anna.
    ps. great onyx stone. really goes well with the entire look :)


  2. totally love this outfit <3 one of my favs <3

  3. Those flares are just too awesome!
    Loving your tank & accessories :)

  4. Loving the lace flares -- gorgeous outfit!

  5. i love the combo of punk and hippy 70's ! you pulled it off really well. and thank you for the comment!

  6. fantastic pants!

  7. Amazing outfit and pics. x

    thanks for dropping by the109block.blogspot.com, if you want we can follow each other.

  8. this is great!!!


  9. Such a cool retro vibe outfit! The ring is gorgeous... pity it has an attachment with an ex :)

    x Eve

  10. those flares are so amazing and you look just stunning!!
    perfectly styled love it x


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