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Beauty items as photographed by me.

Unfortunately the weather has been simply atrocious of late and therefore it has been hard to take any half decent photos for an outfit post. Thus, I give you my current beauty favourites...

Now I should warn you that when it comes to makeup, try as I may, I am more than a little clueless. However, after almost a year as a model, I have come to understand a thing or two about skin care. A model's job is fraught with beauty dangers, as we undergo several 'transformations' every time we go to a job. Makeup is piled on, taken off, changed and distorted so frequently some days that it is hard to keep a track of the plethora of products that coat our faces. Needless to say my skin is rather prone (and dare I say entitled) to a freakout every once in a while. These few products are key to keeping my skin trauma to a minimum.

1. Jurlique 'Lavender Hydrating Mist'
Travelling internationally is definitely one of the perks of being a model. However, the potent combination of sleep deprivation and moisture sucking/dehydration inducing air-conditioning can leave my skin dry and lack-lustre after long international flights. A friend of mine introduced me to Jurlique's Hydrating Mists on a fourteen hour flight back from a week of shows in dubai mid last year. My face was so dry it hurt but after one spritz my skin felt immediately hydrated and soothed. Although an absolute must have for use every couple of hours on the plane, this product is also great used as a toner after cleansing and over makeup to give it a dewey and less matte or 'done' look.

2. Natio Ageless 'Illuminating Primer'
Most good makeup artists will use a primer before applying makeup simple because it gives a better makeup result (as it aids foundation application and ensures that makeup stays put even in adverse weather conditions.) More importantly for us, it acts as a barrier between the skin and foundation, both preventing moisture being drawn out of the skin and pigments from the foundation being absorbed into the skin. It is our one layer of defence from nasties such as zits and rashes, which can be brought on by harsh or out of date products and unhygienic makeup application (from old brushes).
In Tokyo, the makeup artist I had for a job didn't use any moisturising products before applying foundation and at the end of the day both the other model and my faces were red, blotchy and had broken out in various areas. We later learnt that he had a bad reputation for using old product and not cleaning his brushes.
Models are expected to turn up to jobs with clean and fresh skin to give the makeup artist a blank canvas to work with, so I just apply a little to my face after cleansing before I head off to a job to prevent any issues if a makeup artist forgets.
This Natio 'Illuminting Primer' is one is my current low-budget favourite as it is lightweight and easily absorbed.

3. Bioderma 'Crealine Cleansing Solution'
Bioderma is without a doubt my number one must have beauty product. In my opinion the most important thing for skin health (besides moisturising) is makeup removal. Bioderma has always been my favourite for removing a face of makeup after work and while overseas I even carried a travel sized bottle around in my handbag so that I could remove my makeup the second shooting finished. I find that it is gentle and doesn't leave my skin dry but is also very effective at removing a broad range of products (the one exception to this is certain waterproof mascaras.) It is the only thing I trust to remove my makeup gently.

4. Natio Aromatherapy 'Intense Moisturising Day Cream'
A good moisturiser is so important for skin wellbeing. I have never found a moisturising product that cannot be replaced and prefer to try a broad range of products depending on what country I am in and what season it is. For example while I was in Tokyo during their winter I found myself using a whitening and intensive moisturising cream as that is what is most readily available (as white and unpigmented skin is desirable in Japan.)
Currently I am using a Natio Intense Moisturising Day Cream, however  I find it too thick for everyday  and instead prefer to lather it on before bed and after I cleanse my face at night. This provides enough moisture and hydration overnight.

I have included links to some good online retailers of the above products. Have a good sunday!  

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  1. Jurlique Rose hand cream is one of my favourite creams for winter. never tried Natio but I heard they make some good as moisturizers. so nice picks Anna =)


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