Adelaide For A Day

Photos by me.

Last week I went to adelaide to shoot the Look Book for Cameo for one day... yes thats right...only one day. My flight left at 6:15am which meant waking up at 4am to shower before stumbling around in the dark, dressing manically whilst trying find two matching shoes and other similar travel and life essentials (I was in the dark as I was trying to let my lovely boyfriend-who took me both to and from the airport- sleep-in as long as possible.)

The worst part about the early morning flight was that I forgot my bottle of Jurlique Lavender Mist which I have previously mentioned here, as being a travel essential. Needless to say,flying twice in one day without it was absolutely devastating for my skin so after flying back into Sydney at 10pm I drenched my skin in the stuff, which helped to return it to near normality.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of the city while I was there but it was an experience none the less. My makeup artist for the shoot was Dale Dorning, who was makeup artist for the Australian Pop star Delta Goodrem for seven years. The hair and makeup looks for the day were funnily enough rather similar to the the last job I posted about. The eyes were soft and peachy and the whole thing had a rather dishevelled and just rolled out of bed (in my dreams) look to it.
He told me some fascinating stories about what it is like to be the makeup artist of a princess (he looked after Princess Mary when she came to Australia last year), what it was like to be on tour with Delta and about the origins of his leather jacket (which used to be Brian McFadden's!)

If you are interested in checking out Cameo the label, I have included links to both their website (above) and an online retailer (below).
Buy Cameo at The Fashion Bunker


  1. Adelaide represent - thats my hometown man! Such a cool little town. Bit boring though. The first picture is stunning, I love the makeup on you. Thanks for all your sweet comments, puts a smile on my dile x

  2. So nice pictures. Im a new follower, because i like your blog so much. Hope you follow me back ;)*

  3. I absolutely adore cameo. Love love the brand, it's so amazing. Congrats on doing the shoot, howe exciting! I have never been to Adelaide, but it's on the bucket list!

    Oh! I have the Rosewater Balancing Mist from Jurlique, and I am absolutely in love with it! xx

  4. I would hate going to a place and not getting to stay and explore :(

  5. Beautiful pictures, such a lovely post!! And really great blog..following :)
    Daysha http://dayshaprettylittlethings.blogspot.com/ ♥


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