((Rings from left: Mr Kate, Mr Kate, Maple, Michael Kors 'Astor', Pandora)

Of late I have been on a mission to increase my collection of basic everyday rings and here are the results. 
Some of these rings are old, however, I recently purchased the two smallest rings at Mr Kate ( shipped all the way from California) and the Michael Kors 'Astor' ring on shopbop, which I have been lusting after for a month or so now. I definitely think it's time to cease all ring purchases for a while...   


Navy and Silver

 Photos By Ben 
(Uniqlo ribbed navy sweater, Zara jeans and shoes)

I bought this sweater while in Tokyo from the Japanese label Uniqlo who do a great range of basic items. I find that this simple navy piece rather suits my consideralbly minimalist dressing aesthetic. There's nothing better than being comfortable. I am also loving the clear and deep blue water in the sun. The striation in the blues looks so refreshing. 


Super Duper Strength

From top left: 
1.Karen Walker 'Super Duper Strength' sunglasses
2. The Row white clutch
3. Jeffery Campbell 'Soiree' sandals
4. Equipment Button up
5. Ksubi ' Albuquerque' cut offs
6. Michael Kors 'Astor' ring
7. Ck one 



 Photos By Ben
(Asos sunglasses and mint pants, Vintage silk shirt, Zara shoes, Ultra 3 'Lily White' nail-polish)

Ah the simple luxury of a silken white shirt,  oh how it completes me. This particular one I got second hand from a friend which she got second hand from an op-shop...so i guess that makes it third hand? Nonetheless one of the perks of a silk shirt (particularly a well made one) is that it takes a lot to age it. Mine is still pristine and lily white despite being really really old. These Asos pants and sunglasses came in the mail yesterday, but unfortunately these minty pants are a little too large. I am still unsure whether I will re-order them in a smaller size. 

Bondi was very beautiful this morning! After having a casting not far from the beach we decided to have brunch by the beach. Poached eggs and piles of mushrooms followed by banana, berry and chia seed smoothies, YUM!

Raspberry Bite

 Photos By Ben
(Little One dress, Revlon 'Raspberry Bite' lipstick, Revlon 'Raging Raisin' nail-polish.)

Yesterday I went for a bit of a frolic in the park across the road after a long day...of relaxing and lounging around. The light was so beautiful and I was feeling rather spontaneous and joyful. I purchased this lipstick and nail-polish from ozsale a while ago and never realised they kind of match. This dress is rather ethereal and water nymph-esque which seemed rather appropriate given my mood. Then we added some bright red bougainvilleas in a similar shade and the party really started. The best bit about today's outfit post? I was still wearing my ugg boots!


Three of Something

Three of Something Lookbook

A couple of weeks ago I modelled for the launch campaign of a new australian label called 'Three of Something". Unfortunately I had the flu on shoot day but luckily the lovely ladies behind the label were incredibly understanding. 

Their Lanch Collection called 'Postcards from the Pacific' features an eclectic jumble of aztec and tribal prints in a veritable kaleidoscope of colours. The perfect compliment to an australian spring/summer or a pacific holiday away (preferably worn while kicking back and taking it easy on a banana lounge). I am madly in love with several pieces (such as these shorts which are covered in little embroidered arrows (their logo) and a colourful psychadelic print shift dress with black cap sleeves). 'Postcards From The Pacific' is set to hit stores in Spring, I can't wait! 

Check out their website which is set to launch soon... http://threeofsomething.com/


 Photos By Ben
(Zara Tee and Shoes, Asos Ombre Mint Jeans, H&M Blazer, Vintage Belt and Revlon 'Minted' Nailpolish)

I love the soft yellow light of late afternoon.


All Denim

Photos by Ben 
(Lover Bell Bottom Jeans, Asos Denim Button Down and Sunglasses, Ultra 3 Citrus Nailpolish, Revlon ChaCha Cherry Lipstick)

There is something so transforming about the early morning, its as if every surface glimmers. I love the soft hues and way that the light looks, its as if Mr Darcy may rise across yonder hill and sweep me off my feet. Okay maybe not... but you get the gist.
 Although denim pared with denim has never been a favourite of mine, I have to say its growing on me, as is the notion of wearing lipstick. This revlon one I got on Ozsale a month or two ago and has definitely become a favourite. It adds the slightest touch of colour without being overpowering, which leaves room for my ludicrously bright neon yellow nail polish to do the talking.  


Rumi and An Ode

Photos by Me and Joseph (And Colin Sokol - I know but I couldn't resist getting him to take the shot.)

 Found these shots today, I can't believe I forgot to mention that I met Rumi Neely last week. I interrupted her mid outfit post but luckily she was just as chilled as one would expect a californian super blogger to be in the face of ridiculously star struck fan. Thanks Rumi!
On wednesday one show that I walked in was an ode to no one (last photo is a detail of my first outfit taken by Joseph of Colour Me Dang.) Joseph was my very stylish dresser at the myer show last year and I recently found out that he is also a blogger.) He also took the photo of me looking rather flushed before going into hair and makeup at the show. I loved the hair from the An Ode To No One and I am thinking of trying to recreate this messy and super undone half-in-half-out bun sans the excessive product. Thoughts? 

Silver Rings

Mr Kate Rings

I have a thing for thin silver rings at the moment. I love that something which appears so delicate and intricate is actually deceptively strong. A couple of these silver babies in should hopefully arrive on my australian door step in the next month or month and a half! Damn slow international shipping. Hash tag, could the fact australia is girt by sea be any more annoying? I think not.      

Beach Bun

Photos by Ben 
(H&M Jumper, Marcs Bag, vintage shorts)

 Bondi is always beautiful but on hot days the water gleams and appears even more blue than usual. I was starting to wish I had my swimmers, but instead we cooled off with banana, berry and acai smoothies from earth cafe. I'm going to miss days like these in winter.



Elizabeth and James Textile

What can I say? White on white and Bambi ... perfection.
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